“a recent mail to all in an office (of apparently sharp software developers):

“If anyone needs to do a jar build this afternoon can you give me a shout, I need a guinea pig for something fun :)”

He gets back some boring OKs as opposed the rapier like:

“I’m sure Richard Gere can help you there mate”

thought of it in the pub after work. I wish I worked in a pub….”

Andrew, Unknown City


“My friend Laura and I both have partners who speak the beautiful tongue that is Welsh as a second language. We noticed that when they switch to Welsh they tend to shift their voice up a key and sound meek and super polite and we were lightly mocking them in their presence.

“A while after this conversation I realised that what I should have said was ‘They sound really sheepish’. I’m sure I would have been met with a male voice choir’s worth of laughter….”

AR, Cardiff