“Once at school one of the irritating, self satisfied popular characters was being particulary cocky and attempting to flirt with our pretty music teacher. I was sat nearby and discussing that oh-so-common teenage horror, BRACES. Having overheard, Mr Popular interjected with : “MY teeth are perfect”. Left speechless with this example of arrogance and vanity I managed to mutter “yeah right” before realising that “A shame about the rest of you, then” would have deflated him (although probably not for long..)”

Lindsey, London


“I once poured my milkshake on the ground outside Marks & Spencers because I was a reckless youth. An old women had a go at me, about a minute later I wished I had said ‘NO USE CRYING OVER SPILT MILKSHAKE’.

“I would have been so cool.”

Robin, Guildford.